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Villa Sacra

Villa Sacra is a guesthouse built about 3 minutes from the west exit of Kamakura Station by WanderKitchen project, a lifestyle brand that provides things and places to make life in the Shonan area more enjoyable, mainly in Kamakura. It is located just behind Songbe Cafe and the YMCA, at the end of the wooden gate next to the swordsmith Tsunahiro. It's in a great location.

We renovated an old house that is said to be over 80 years old, and with the participation of four cutting-edge artists - contemporary artist Tatsushi Takizawa, eraser stamp artist Tomoko Tsukui, Japanese painter Shiori Ishida, and photographer Eiji Yuzawa - it has become a rare artist hotel in Japan. It has a Japanese feel, but it is not the so-called world of wabi-sabi, but rather the image of Japan as seen from abroad, a Japanese style with luster and color, an exciting feel rather than a dignified one, and a fun inn filled with the nostalgic scent of the Showa era.

We have partnered with Shokudo COBAKABA, a popular local restaurant with which we have a friendly relationship, and its sister restaurant WanderKitchen, to provide breakfast by issuing Meal Tickets, a new B&B style unique to Kamakura. Please try the meal plan. Dinner is also available.

The name Sakura is reminiscent of Japan, but it is not the "cherry blossom" that we know. In English, it is called "Sacred." It is a word with a strong religious connotation, but here it is used with the nuance of being isolated and protected from the surroundings, being protected from the secular world and being at the opposite end of the spectrum. It is a sign of respect for the private property that has been cherished by the family of the landlord who still lives in the surrounding area, and the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

It may be close to the nuance of the word SANCTUARY.

Why not try the luxury of being away from television and PCs, letting time flow by slowly, and taking deep, calming breaths?

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