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Bed & Breakfast

A casual, small-scale lodging that includes a simple breakfast is called a B&B (bed and breakfast) .

Usually, lodgings have a kitchen and dining area where guests can enjoy a breakfast of bread, cereal, juice, coffee, bacon, eggs, and more.
This is a common system in Europe and the US, especially in the UK, and most of them are very small, family-run establishments that renovate or repurpose private homes. In Japan, they are not yet common and there are not many of them, but they have become more widely known recently and are increasing in number. In the UK, they are often used not only by tourists but also by businessmen who travel frequently for work. They are certainly economical, homey, and convenient, with breakfast included.
We thought that Villa Sacra would be perfect for a B&B, given its size and the fact that it is a renovated old house. However, in order to add another bathroom and toilet during the renovation, we were forced to remove the original kitchen.

But we're going to declare that we're a B&B. After all, this is Kamakura, a place with a relaxed atmosphere that's rare in Japan. And what's encouraging is that our friends run some unique and trustworthy restaurants in the neighborhood.

In Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Laos, it is not uncommon to be given a meal ticket for breakfast at a lodging facility and then walk aimlessly, rubbing sleepy eyes, to a nearby cafe or restaurant that is affiliated with the facility. And I always realize that this is okay. It doesn't have to be a hassle to build a kitchen, but if there is a proper kitchen and we work with a place that specializes in that, isn't that fine? And that would ultimately be a good way for everyone. So, although I'm calling it a B&B, I'm going to try a style where I leave the meals up to my companions.

The following three establishments can issue breakfast, dinner and meal tickets.

* WanderKitchen 10-15 Onaricho, Kamakura City

Cafe Shuwara Kamakura Onarimachi 2-8

* Cafe Junxion, 2-2-35 Omachi, Kamakura (dinner only)

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